Luxury Quality. Affordable Price. Premium CBD.

welcome to a new era of CBD wellness

Quality CBD should be affordable, but it hasn’t been. Until now. Save 80% compared to other premium brands without sacrificing a thing. That means more money in your pocket and better products on your doorstep.

[ Better for your wallet ]

Save up to $3,500 a year on premium CBD

We offer our core product, Signature Oil, at cost (yup, we're serious) and minimize our profit margins on everything else. Plus, we said goodbye to retailer markups and celebrity endorsements. Kim K was devastated*, but for us, you’ll always come first.

How are you going to spend all the money we're saving you– become the next bitcoin mogul or maybe start a llama ranch? Hey, we won't judge!

*Okay, maybe not. But she does have a bottle of our Signature oil!

[ Better for your body ]

Great ingredients -> products that actually work

Our mom always said, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts.” Or maybe that was just to get us through our awkward years. Regardless, we love our custom-designed packaging, but we obsess about the ingredients inside of our premium CBD products. Each one is carefully chosen, tested, and blended to offer you tangible results and an uplifting experience. We don’t use cheap fillers, synthetic ingredients or mediocre CBD, and we never will.

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Real People, Real Results

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3 Things You Should Know About Us

01 / who we are

We're sibling founders from Minnesota. We grew up on a farm and worked with some of the top food, CPG, and retail companies. So we’re unbelievably (read: annoyingly) picky about ingredients and quality standards.

02 / what we believe

With a track record that goes back to ancient Egypt, we believe Hemp CBD can make a real difference in peoples’ lives - in your life - but only if grown, tested, and used thoughtfully. And with a daily dose for less than a cup of coffee.

03 / what we do

We make kick A$$ premium CBD products that everyone can afford. We do it by adding very minimal margins or no margins at all. So you can be the best llama rancher or bitcoin mogul there is... or at least make it to happy hour!

So, join us. We're just getting started.

~ Kara, Kirk and Travis