We truly believe Hemp Extract can offer real meaningful benefits, but only if made well, with great care taken to evaluate and customize every ingredient and production step, from the planted fields to your welcome mat. Prior to releasing our first products, we spent more than a year carefully and exhaustively investigating how, when and where our ingredients were grown, processed, combined, evaluated, packaged and experienced. 


Hemp farming practices vary widely. We ensured seed type, which determines the level of THC, soil quality, which can transmit heavy metals if contained, actual organic practices, not just claims, no harmful chemicals / pesticides, and U.S. grown rather than foreign sources like China, as is common.
Our Hemp Extract ingredient is organically grown in the USA, carefully extracted from the stems, leaves and buds of the Hemp plant. We offer an industry-leading 80%+ CBD along with a full array of other naturally-occurring, beneficial Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Flavonoids for maximum benefit.


The Hemp CBD extraction and purification process is crucial. Usual processes rely on outdated, cheap and overly-aggressive methods that retain toxins and THC levels, while diminishing beneficial compounds (such as CBD). We employ a proprietary, cutting edge method (using food grade Ethanol) that preserves a full "plant profile", retaining all of the beneficial bioactive elements (CBD, plus dozens of other naturally occurring Cannabinoids, Flavonoids and Terpenes) while gently and completely removing all impurities, chlorophyll (which produces a bitter taste), wax and the psychoactive compound, THC. The end result is the highest quality full spectrum hemp extract that contains no solvents, no heavy metals, no pesticides or chemical fertilizers and 0.0% THC.

Carrier Oil

Unlike most, we spent months researching and vetting our "carrier oil". We use USDA Organic MCT oil packed with essential fatty acids that are easily digested, provide energy and support the metabolism.
We identified the best USDA Organic MCT oil in the world and ensured, down to the farmer level in the Philippines, Sri Lanka and India, that the farming practices are actually organic and that the processing doesn't involve the unnamed chemicals used by so many other companies.
Our USDA Organic MCT oil is tested for Organoleptic, Relative Density, Refractive Index, Solidification Point, Moisture, Peroxide Value, Fatty acid composition, Microbiological and Heavy Metals.


All of our craft CBD products are made in artisan, small batches to consistently ensure the highest levels of quality, freshness and efficacy, and according to FDA and GMP guidelines. 


We painstakingly designed every packaging detail including custom bottles, caps and boxes to improve ingredient integrity, ensure sustainability and enhance your experience.

⍚ Our frosted amber glass bottles and glass pipettes preserve the purity and longevity of the product.
⍚ Our droppers have longer rubber bulbs and pipettes to ensure convenient access to every last drop.
⍚ Our screen printed labels can be easily cleaned of any residual oil after each use.
⍚ Our sliding tray boxes protect the bottles in transit and enhance the ease of daily use.
It's our hope that our meticulous ingredient research, from the initial science to the final product, rewards your trust with meaningfully improved everyday moments. Made for our family and shared with you.