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I sent the product to my cousin who has recently been diagnosed with MS and is struggling with many symptoms. I was very worried about him physically and mentally as he seemed so dejected and hopeless. He contacted me about 2 hours after he took the first dropper full and said “That stuff is bloody brilliant, thanks so much. You are a life saver!”. Thanks for caring.
–– Catherine

I'm a very active person and have recently had joint pain. The Verdant Signature 1200mg formula immediately brought relief! I was a little skeptical but decided to try it and was amazed. JUST BUY IT. It really is amazing.
— Andrea

I love that you are real people from down the street.
— Christel

Your product has been a life saver/changer for me. I've experienced bouts of anxiety for many years and this is the first product that's helped me. I go for days w/o needing it but when I get anxious, I use half ml doses a couple of times/day and I'm so much better off. Thank YOU for a wonderful elixir of peacefulness!
–– Jon

I am using your Hemp Extract Oil. I am happy with joint relief in my hands.
–– Doug

I have recommended your product to my daughter and now she purchase her CBD from you as well.

It is wonderful, I am full of energy, I sleep well, I am happy. I must thank you for giving us such a wonderful product.

This stuff saves in so many ways and I have had so much success with it that now I don't use it nearly as often. Still I would hate to be out.

I have been doing a lot of personal testing by taking for a week and then not taking for a week. Boy, what a difference when I am taking. I am what would be called a hard sell. You have a wonderful product, I am glad I found it.

Started giving our 15 year old pup some of your CBD.  Her arthritis in her back leg doesn't appear to be bothering her as much. She's doing really well on our walks. 

I must say that I did notice an improvement in my sleep habits.  At first I did not attribute it to the extract but with some review it did seem to relate timely to the use of the extract.  That was not why I tried the extract but it sure helps. I will reorder.

Your generous souls have made it possible for me to continue taking a product that has become so necessary for me.  Without it,  my anxiety was so bad. It really helps! But the cost was ruining my budget.  It was so exciting to read that article a couple of weeks ago. I gave you a try, and now I'm a customer for life. A better life, thanks to you.

I am a recent purchaser of CBD and it has made a difference in just a few weeks.  Being on a fixed income and having medical bills had me questioning if I could continue to purchase CBD. Thanks to your company I am able to afford it now. 

Your CBD is amazing.  This energy is so natural, it is right, it feel that I don't take anything and I have all the energy I need. No pain. Thank you for doing such a good and clean product.

I have spent so much money on CBD oil over the past few years, because it truly helps me and keeps me from having to seek out prescriptions every month. It’s great to see that your company is trying to keep prices affordable while maintaining the quality of the products.

I am thrilled with this product so far. In addition to being more pleasant to take than my prior CBD oil, it is effective. I’ve noticed that I fall asleep more easily when I take it in the evening, and that I feel less anxious during the day when I take it in the morning, compared to the other product I used. Verdant helps me feel more like, well, me.

I’ve used many of the top CBD brands out there but Verdant is my favorite! As a former athlete, I have arthritis in my neck due to old sports injuries and I can’t take pain meds because I’m allergic to them. To reduce my inflammation, I rub a few drops of Verdant’s strongest formula directly onto my pain spot, or I take it orally. It works like a charm!

Let me tell you - this stuff is good. Ok, ok, so we know that Verdant is high quality, completely tested and pure. But does it work? It sure does. If you’re looking for a CBD brand you can trust, I completely recommend Verdant. I’ve already got some of my aunts and cousins on it so you know if I’m telling my family it’s something I’m really digging.

This tincture impressed me in so many ways. I use a full 1ml dropper each morning, and occasionally use 1ml at night to help myself fall asleep. It works quickly in the tincture form, and has helped to control minor chronic pains and reduce anxiety.

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