Hemp CBD offers real, meaningful benefits. But only if made well. Using our farm and food manufacturing backgrounds, we exhaustively investigate how, when and where our ingredients are grown, processed, combined, tested, packaged and experienced. It’s time-intensive, just like reading that last sentence (whew!). But it means our products are clean, safe and effective. And that’s a good day’s work in our books.


1. Highest Quality Hemp

We have strict standards when it comes to our hero ingredient.

Organic Cultivation: Organically grown in the USA without any harmful chemicals or pesticides, and carefully extracted from the stems, leaves and buds of the hemp plant.

Broad Spectrum Hemp (also referred to as Full Spectrum, THC-Free): For maximum benefit, we offer an industry-leading 80%+ CBD along with a full array of other naturally-occurring cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Our products do not contain any traces of THC.

Clean Extraction: We employ a proprietary, cutting-edge method using food grade Ethanol or CO2. This preserves a full “plant profile” while gently and completely removing impurities, chlorophyll (which produces a bitter taste), wax and the psychoactive compound, THC.

Tested and Validated: Our CBD ingredient undergoes multiple laboratory tests to ensure it meets our exacting standards and offers complete transparency to you.

2. Clean Ingredients

We will never use harmful, questionable or harsh ingredients. We go above and beyond what other brands think are "natural" and "safe". That means NO ingredients known to be carcinogens, reproductive toxins, neurotoxins, developmental toxins, endocrine disruptors, or that cause organ toxicity, DNA or cell damage.

3. Quality Tested & Validated

Our hemp ingredient is extensively tested throughout its journey to ensure the highest standards of purity, potency and safety. We test every batch for the following:

  • Potency Testing (label claim verified)
  • Terpene Profile Testing
  • THC Testing (to ensure 0.00mg)
  • Microbiological / Bacteria Contamination Testing
  • Heavy Metals Testing
  • Residual Solvent Testing
  • Pesticide Testing

4. Transparency

To access your individual product’s Certificate of Analysis, simply enter the corresponding batch number (located on the bottom of your product) into our website’s search bar. Here’s an example of what you’ll see:

Verdant Certificate of Analysis - Sample