Where does Hemp come from?

Paul from Seattle asks, "I've noticed that some brands source their Hemp in Europe, others in Asia and still others in the US and Canada... does it matter where it comes from?"


Yes, great question! The country of origin actually plays a significant role in determining the final quality and purity of the Hemp product. Let us explain...

Well know for its soil-purifying qualities, Hemp soaks up whatever is in the soil in which it's planted– both good and bad. This is fantastic for those wanting to (1) cleanse their soil of toxins without plans for human-grade products or (2) grow their Hemp in clean, organic soil where only good nutrients will be absorbed. 

In many countries outside of the United States, a lack of regulation and rigorous growing standards means that Hemp plants may be grown in toxic soil and harvested for human consumption. This has become a growing issue as illustrated by a recent news report that found several Hemp CBD products contained significant levels of lead and pesticides.

In summary, it's always important to choose Hemp products organically grown and produced here in the United States, like ours. And always review the Certificate of Analysis to ensure your products are safe and pure!


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