What is CBD?

Sarah from New York City asks, "CBD is everywhere I look, from the pizza down the street to the products at my hair salon.... but what exactly is it?


Great question, Sarah! 

While CBD has taken our modern world by storm, this ingredient has actually been used for millennia, first showing up in ancient Chinese medicinal remedies and Egyptian medical textbooks. However, it wasn't until 1940 that it was first isolated from Minnesota Wild Hemp and it wasn't until 1980 that its effects were first formally studied.

CBD, known scientifically as Cannabidiol, is one of more than 100 compounds, or Cannabinoids, found in the stems, leaves and buds of the Hemp plant. Hemp CBD is not to be confused with Marijuana, which is predominantly "high" in the psychoactive compound, THC, nor should it be mistaken for Hemp Seed Oil which does not contain Cannabinoids.

CBD makes up more than 80% of our Hemp Extract ingredient, and is supported by other naturally-occurring, complimentary Cannabinoids and Terpenes found in the Hemp plant.

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