The Best CBD Oil Products to Add to Your Wellness Routine

Verdant Notes: We've always believed that exceptional ingredients could stand on their own, free of the cheap fillers and artificial flavors used by brands trying to mask the harsh taste of their lower quality oils. We're continually grateful to hear, with each new review and testimonial we receive, that our products not only work better, but also taste better than anything else on the market. That's the power of using the highest quality, organic ingredients. 

Read on for an excerpt of one such review from Duke University and IIN trained integrative health coach and clean beauty / wellness / travel blogger, April Likins.


"The Best CBD Oil Products to Add to Your Wellness Routine" ~ April Likins

I’ve used many of the top CBD brands out there but Verdant Naturals is my favorite! As a former athlete, I have arthritis in my neck due to old sports injuries and I can’t take pain meds because I’m allergic to them. (By the way, they are terrible for your gut lining and microbiome anyway, so CBD oil is a great natural pain alternative.) To reduce my inflammation, I rub a few drops of Verdant’s strongest formula directly onto my pain spot, or I take it orally. It works like a charm!

What I love about Verdant’s company is it’s family owned and operated. Their products are crafted in small batches with sustainable organic ingredients grown in Colorado. Verdant’s products are also triple-testedat different independent labs to ensure safety, and they are THC free. CBD products often contain other flavors to mask their strong bitter hemp taste. Verdant’s are smooth and easy to consume because they have intentionally removed the chlorophyll (which produces a bitter taste). Verdant also gives back as members of the 10 Percent Project, which is a non-profit organization that provides corporate philanthropic accountability and transparency.

Skin Tip: This oil has also been helpful in calming down my rosacea because of its anti-inflammatory properties. I just add a drop daily to my am moisturizer.

You might also love: If you are new to hemp oil, you’ll love Verdant’s starter kit They also offer travel sizes and CBD oil to help calm anxious pets.


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