The Art of Being Still

It sounds easy enough, right? Maybe even a luxury we dream about, but don’t consider realistic. But in fact, how often do we choose to surround ourselves with noise, activity and entertainment? In what would be space for quiet reflection, we drown it out– listening to podcasts as we drive to work, scrolling Facebook as we eat lunch or even checking emails while in the restroom. Everyone is constantly busy.

Why do we do that to ourselves? Some are afraid of being alone with their thoughts, others want to appear busy and fulfilled, and some have trouble quieting a racing mind filled with to-do lists (me!). Whatever the reason, the discipline of stillness has never been more necessary.

And I say “discipline” because it takes work. It’s a conscious choice to set aside problems, deadlines and to-do’s for a period of time and let our minds and bodies rest.

Give it a try. Take a pause here and just be still.

Let me guess. You skipped right over that pause and kept reading, right? Okay, give it another try. I'll do it with you.

It’s hard, right?! You can’t focus. Your mind started jumping from one thought to the next. Maybe you even started to fidget a little in your chair.

I hear you. It feels nearly impossible at first. But with practice, you’ll find your mind will begin to settle. You’ll think through issues more clearly, sleep better and ease the weight of stress on your mind and body. So instead of feeling like you’re playing bumper cars with the world, being bounced and bumped at every turn, you’ll know who you are and what matters most– and be thankful for it.

A few tips as you get started:

Schedule a time. Make it a priority and set an alarm on your phone so you won’t miss it.
Find a place. This might be outdoors, such as a park or bench, or at home, in complete silence. Whichever setting you choose, make sure you won’t be interrupted.
Set a timer. Make 15 minutes your goal. If that feels too long, just start with one minute. Or five. Sometimes it may feel like forever. Other times, it will go by quickly.
Relax your body. Systematically relax your body. Close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. If you can’t sit still, try engaging in a mindless activity– like rocking in a chair.
Listen to soft music. If you can’t embrace the silence just yet, try listening to soft, slow music or the sound of the ocean.
Be present. Don’t focus on past regrets or future worries. Collect your thoughts and be present– in this moment.
Repeat calming phrases. Our words have power to affect change. Try phrases like “I am calm and still” or “my mind is at rest”.
Revisit a place of peace. Recall a time and place where you felt truly peaceful.
Start with Verdant. I know this sounds like a shameless plug, but I've personally benefited from taking a dose of our CBD oil prior to getting started. It helps calm any anxieties and put my mind in a better place to begin.


Take a few minutes every day to allow yourself to be silent and still. Let the rest of the world wait. You need this in your life more than you know. Then, once you’re ready, rejoin it with a steady heart.

You can do this. And I promise, you’ll be glad you did.

Here's to learning to embrace those quiet moments,

Kara // Co-founder

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