All Hemp CBD Is Not Created Equal

Callie from Chicago asks, "Hemp CBD is everywhere these days and it all sounds the same... is it all the same?" 


Very true, Callie. Interest in this ancient ingredient is exploding, but unfortunately the unregulated nature of the industry means not everyone is in it for the right reasons or using the best ingredients. Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Some brands may be misrepresenting their CBD levels; look out for vague terms like "Cannabinoids" or "Hemp Extract" when looking at the back panels.
  • Hemp grown outside of the United States may contain toxins such as heavy metals and leads.
  • Some brands may be misrepresenting their THC levels; always refer to the Certificate of Analysis for the exact amount of THC present.
  • Many brands hoping to mask the harsh taste of cheaper ingredients use fillers, flavors and additives that you just don't need and can actually decrease the level of CBD in the product over time.
  • Always check to see if the brand you're considering offers a Certificate of Analysis and verify that it includes all Cannabinoids (including CBD and THC) and a full array of Terpenes, as well as potential impurities and toxins

It's issues like these that have driven us to go above and beyond at every stage of production, ensuring we always offer the highest levels of quality, safety and efficacy. Our products:

  • Use 100% organic ingredients
  • Are infused with Hemp, organically-grown in the United States
  • Use a Hemp Extract ingredient with over 80%+ CBD and dozens of other Cannabinoids and Terpenes
  • Contain no traces of THC (0.00mg THC)
  • Contain no fillers, additives, flavors or toxins
  • Provide a clear and specific CBD level on each bottle
  • Are tested at 3 different, independent laboratories

For example, here's a direct comparison between Verdant and another leading brand:


If you're ready to experience the difference for yourself, explore our collection here.


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