A Guide to Microdosing CBD: 5 Reasons to Try Microdosing

Hemp CBD is often used to alleviate pain, anxiety and sleepless nights. But many have found its benefits don’t stop there. It can also help improve focus, mood and an overall sense of wellbeing. Whatever you use CBD for in your daily life, once you’ve found the optimal dose for your needs, you may consider experimenting with different dosing methods to ensure you’re receiving the maximum benefit.

Take, for example, microdosing.

Say you currently take 20mg of CBD each morning for improved mood or focus. Instead of taking that full dose all at once, trying splitting it into five smaller (or “micro”) doses throughout the day. So, in this scenario, that would mean 4mg doses at 8am / 11am / 2pm / 5pm / 8pm.

What are the benefits of microdosing CBD?

  1. Long-lasting effects. The effects of CBD oil typically last a few hours. With microdosing, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD over a longer period of time.
  2. More effective. Not only can microdosing extend the benefits of CBD, it may also be more effective. In a study published in 2012, researchers found that pain was substantially reduced when patients who had previously not responded well to conventional pain drugs microdosed with CBD.
  3. Consistent results. By spreading a dose out over several hours or even a day, CBD is continually stimulating and supporting the body’s Endocannabinoid system, helping it keep your body and its biological systems in continual balance.
  4. Reduces CBD tolerance. As with anything, our bodies can get accustomed to a particular dose of CBD and become less affected by it. Introducing microdosing can reduce that tendency.
  5. More gentle. This is a great dosing method for beginners, offering a more subtle introduction to the effects and benefits of CBD.

Sounds good, right? So how do I get started microdosing with CBD?

First, it’s important to remember that there isn’t a once-size-fits-all. Some folks may need a little more CBD in each dose, others may need a little less. How you respond to CBD depends on multiple factors including genetics, body weight, metabolism, tolerance level, and more. Identifying your ideal level may require a bit of trial and error. Just take it slow and listen to your body.

Step 1: Start Small. If you don’t already have an ideal dose, start with just 2mg of CBD (or 2 drops of our Signature Oil).

Step 2: Monitor the Effects. Over the next 1-2 hours, check in with yourself. Some may feel a sense of calm and relaxation. Others may feel mentally energized and focused.

Step 3: Adjust. If you’re not where you want to be, try increasing the dose by another 2mg.

Step 4: Stay Consistent. The effects of a single microdose tend to last between 1-3 hours. So it's important to stick with your microdosing schedule to see the very best results.

Repeat this routine over the next 3-5 days. Make notes of how you’re feeling during the course of the day or track your sleep patterns at night. Slowly and gradually increase the dose until you hit that sweet spot. Overall, most people discover their ideal CBD microdose falls between 1mg and 10mg (1 drop to 10 drops, or up to .25mL, of our Signature Oil).


Let us know if you give this method a try, and how it works for you!

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