CBD Buying Guide: 9 Things To Consider When Buying CBD Oil

From ancient Chinese remedies to infused toilet paper, it’s safe to say Hemp CBD has played a unique role throughout history. But as popularity continues to rise, backed by scientific research, it’s still hard to know who to trust and what to look for when buying CBD online. We’re here to help.

1. 100% Natural & Organic Ingredients

Keep it simple. Especially when it comes to Hemp CBD. Natural and organic ingredients just work better together.

2. Hemp Grown in the USA

Hemp can be found growing all around the world, but is especially popular in North America, Europe and China. Unfortunately imported Hemp may be tainted with heavy metals and other toxins, so be sure the product you’re choosing is formulated with Hemp organically grown in America where our safety standards are much higher.

3. 0.00mg THC in your CBD Oil

THC is the psychoactive compound found in both Marijuana and, to a lesser extent, Hemp. It’s best known for the “high” in can provide. Even broad spectrum products can sometimes be referred to as having “no THC”, but in fact may have up to 0.3%. So always take a look at a product’s Certificate of Analysis (or “CoA”) to make sure there are no traces of THC.

4. No Fillers, Additives or Flavors in your Hemp Oil

That Double Mocha Frappuccino flavor sounds pretty delicious, right? But did you know that some companies use flavors and additives to mask the poor quality (and unpleasant taste) of their Hemp CBD? And in some cases, those tasty flavors can actually decrease the potency of the CBD! So keep it simple. Choose pure, high quality oils that offer a smooth, subtle flavor that you just might enjoy all on its own.

5. Hemp Extract with 80% CBD + Other Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Hemp CBD is the star of the show, but its effectiveness is enhanced by a supporting cast of other naturally-occurring cannabinoids and terpenes found in the Hemp plant. They work synergistically to support the body’s efforts to maintain balance, reduce everyday stress and enhance sleep, recovery, mood and immunity. Be aware of products that use a CBD “Isolate” or very limited array of supporting Cannabinoids and Terpenes.

6. Actual CBD Level Verified By Testing

When it comes to choosing a high quality product, it all comes down to testing. Always look at a product’s CoA before purchasing to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting, including how much CBD is actually in the finished product.

7. Made and Manufactured in America

When it comes to quality, products made in America are held to a higher standard than most. Always look for a company that aligns with GMP and FDA guidelines, and produces their products here in the good ‘ol US of A.

8. No FDA Warning Letters Received

When it comes to trust, unfortunately many CBD companies have tried to take advantage of yours. Before buying a CBD product online, do a quick online search to make sure the company you're considering hasn’t received a “Warning Letter” from the FDA for false health claims or unsafe products.

9. Honest Pricing

You get what you pay for… or do you? When it comes to purchasing a CBD product, the most expensive product isn’t always the best. But with an 11,142% price difference between the cheapest and priciest products on the market, it’s hard to know what’s reasonable. We get it. That’s why we’ve chosen to make our products available at or near cost. We’re not here to buy a mega mansion or pay for an endorsement from Kim K. We just want to make unbelievably good products that you can actually afford – no fancy marketing slogans, no false promises, no shortcuts.


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