Industrial Process Valves & Instruments

Industrial Process Valves & Instruments

Achieve modernized processes, safety improvements and Net Zero goals with process valves that control, protect and isolate

Quality, Safety and Reliability in Systems and Operations

Emerson is a global source of process control, isolation & safety valve solutions for the energy, power, chemical, life science & mining industries. Our automation technologies have been driving optimized operations for years. Secure your low-emission strategies with our field-proven expertise.

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Process Valves Brands Catalog

AEV ball valves for cryogenic and severe service process isolation
Anderson Greenwood pilot-operated pressure relief valves and flame arrestors
ASCO solenoid and general service fluid control valves for efficient automation
Clarkson slurry knife gate valves engineered for the mining and pulp & paper industries
Crosby pressure relief valves for gas, liquid and steam applications
Enardo vents, hatches, flame and detonator arrestors for total tank protection
Fisher flow control valves, isolation valves, actuators, regulators and maintenance services
Long lifecycle Keystone butterfly valves and actuators
KTM floating ball valves, trunnion ball valves and segmented ball valves
Sempell control, safety and isolation valves for steam applications
Vanessa triple offset valves for natural gas value chain optimization
Yarway desuperheaters, steam traps, pump protectors and automatic recirculation control valves
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The Latest in Valves

Emerson Reinvents Pressure Relief Valves to Improve Performance and Reduce Emissions

New Crosby Balanced Diaphragm and Bellows Leak Detection pressure relief valve solutions improve performance, safety, and reliability while...

Emerson introduces wirelessly-monitored storage tank safety valves

New Enardo 850/950 Series with Smart Wireless technology provides immediate information to help prevent safety and emissions problems

Emerson automation technology and expertise to help Sasol more than triple its chemical...

Emerson’s automation technology and expertise will help Sasol more than triple its chemical production in the United States.

Blogs by Industrial Valves Experts

Adam Attig
Driving Down Emissions with Pressure Relief Valve Leak Detection

Adam Attig & Ricardo Garcia presented Eliminating Unseen Threats: Innovation in Bellows Leak Detection for PRVs at the 2024 4C Health, Safety & Environmental Conference.

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Karin Pharr
High-Performance Butterfly Valve Designs

High-performance butterfly valves play a key role in equipment operation, isolation, and maintenance throughout the chemical and petrochemical industries. Crucial design features dramatically impact the performance and reliability of these valves, as discussed in my article from the February 2024 issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering, titled “High-Performance Butterfly Valve Selection.” Butterfly...

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Adam Attig
An Alternative Solution to Bellows Failure with Balanced Diaphragm...

This article discusses a recently introduced PRV design that replaces bellows with a balanced diaphragm. This new balancing technology can be installed as an upgrade to standard bellows PRVs, and it extends backpressure limits while providing greater flow capacity than a similarly sized balanced bellows PRV.

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