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Steam Traps

Yarway steam traps provide reliable operation suitable for a wide range of applications with option monitoring to minimize steam loss.

What are Steam Traps?

Steam traps are self-actuated valves used to release condensate and air from steam distribution systems without allowing the passage of steam. Due to a wide range of process requirements, steam traps come in a variety of technologies, each with their own advantages and trade-offs. Steam traps play a large role in optimizing plant efficiency and environmental emissions, increasing the criticality when sizing and selecting the ideal steam trap for each application.

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Steam Trap Survey Reduces Plant Energy Costs

A steam trap survey conducted at a large petrochemical plant led to the replacement of 1200 failed traps and annual energy cost savings of $960K.

Steam Trap Animations

Steam traps, boiler trim valves, level gauges, and other reliable steam solutions.

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Demonstrating Steam Trap Monitoring

Discover how to reduce energy waste by ensuring proper steam trap performance using Emerson Connected Services

Continuous Listening for More Sustainable Manufacturing

Plantweb Insight™ Steam Trap Application. Offers continuous steam trap status monitoring, including failure modes and analysis of economic and...


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What are the applications of steam traps?
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Steam Application Map

Steam Application Map

Explore our solutions for a variety of Steam applications by viewing our interactive map.

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