High-performance automation to help you meet the demands of the IIoT and harness its true power for better business outcomes.

Programmable Automation Control Systems (PLC & PAC)

Drive smarter, more efficient operations throughout your industrial environment with scalable control solutions.

Gain Control Intelligence at the Edge in Real Time

Industrial change is rapid and unrelenting. To keep your automated operations flexible, scalable, and affordable, modern control systems with safe, secure communication are essential. Emerson’s PAC solutions build on and expand PLC capabilities and deliver a new level of control and intelligence to the industrial edge, while optimizing your operations, maximizing productivity, minimizing downtime, and secure future competitiveness. 

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Programmable Automation Control System Products

Industrial & Factory Automation Brands

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Frequently Asked Questions about PLCs and PACs

What is a PLC?
What is a PAC?
What is the difference between a PLC and PAC?
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