Mining, Minerals & Metals

Mining, Minerals & Metals

These days... it’s crucial you find every ounce of opportunity to improve existing operations. 

Achieve Safer, Smarter, More Sustainable Mining Operations

You're faced with the challenges of maximizing process efficiency and keeping your equipment operational, while also safeguarding our environment and your staff. Because of these crucial endeavors, more miners are choosing Emerson as their strategic lever to support them through these efforts and their digital transformation journey. Our experts work with you to understand your specific challenges and help you unlock safer, smarter, and more sustainable mining operations. Emerson experts guide you with implementing solutions that help you achieve net zero emissions, zero unplanned downtime, zero recordable safety incidents, and zero inefficiencies in your mining operations.

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The Latest

Emerson’s New Comprehensive Automation Platform Empowers Decisive Action from Plant to Enterprise

The new DeltaV Automation Platform adds SCADA, MES and operations management software technologies to promote smarter, safer, optimized and more...

Emerson’s New Level and Flow Controller Reduces Complexity in Water and Wastewater Applications

Rosemount 3490 Controller helps to optimize processes, enhance sustainability and ensure regulatory compliance.

New Emerson Flow Meter Solution Delivers Reliable, Accurate Measurement in Challenging Applications

Rosemount 9195 Wedge Flow Meter optimizes performance in applications with high-temperature, high-viscosity, or abrasive liquids, while reducing...
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