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Ensure safety & productivity in every automated process

To ensure the reliability, safety, and productivity of an automated process, count on technology and global support from Emerson. Our ASCO, AVENTICS, Movicon, PACSystems, SolaHD TESCOM, and TopWorx products create a robust foundation on which you can maintain high throughput in any environment. By leveraging our edge connectivity and software solutions, you can move data from one machine or an entire plant floor to an on or off-premise cloud.  This data can be used to create actionable insights that put your most ambitious sustainability, machine OEE, and energy reduction goals in reach.

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Industrial & Factory Automation Products

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Realize Gains in Flexibility & Competitiveness


Emerson is ready to help you solve automation problems at any scale, whether your solution entails components, products hardware, analytics software, or a dynamic combination of technologies. Whether you are seeking to optimize the performance of a single machine or to generate actionable data to make your entire operation more cost-efficient and sustainable, our experts will help you create a solution tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

Design & Configuration

Automation begins with components that you can depend on for reliable operation, whether they are providing safety shut off for an industrial boiler or releasing compressed air into a dust collector system. At Emerson, precision engineering is our core skill. We design our products to comply with your industry’s regulations and demands and supply our partners with the tools to customize actuators, valves, and valve systems to their precise specifications.

Commissioning & Programming

Overly complex commissioning and programming of components and edge devices can cost you time, space, and efficiency. Today’s factories and industrial processes depend on applications that are compact and simplified, with fewer network interfaces. Edge devices and connectivity from Emerson will help you save costs and gain functionality with a highly customizable solution for reliable and efficient control of your most critical processes.


Legacy systems can hold you back when the competition is leaning into modern automation. At Emerson, our deep industry expertise helps us understand your specific challenges and processes, and helps you create solutions that make brownfield environments data-rich, connected, and energy-efficient. As dedicated problem solvers, we’ll help you find cost savings in every aspect of your operations to ensure a robust return on your investment.

Optimization & Sustainability

Sustainability is a goal that involves every component of your factory or industrial process. To optimize performance, you need smart sensing and SCADA control, efficient aggregation and transfer of data, and robust analytics that highlight every inefficiency. At Emerson, we’re committed to helping the environment and your business with solutions that will reduce waste, keep machines running on less energy, and help you gain insights to maintain sustainable operation.

Media & Case Studies

To increase efficiencies in production, Emerson offers manufacturers a complete portfolio of automation solutions including intelligent field devices, control systems and software capabilities. These digital transformation solutions provide operators tighter control, increased utilization, fewer breakdowns and real-time process analysis to detect and prevent issues early. With Emerson's proven solutions, leaders and OEMs in the packaging, food and beverage and household care sectors can optimize processes from end to end, increasing efficiency and connectivity every step of the way.

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