Forever Keeping Process Control Safe, Efficient, and Intuitive

We know the consequences of process failure are great, that’s why we have an unwavering commitment to standards and processes that ensure innovative and reliable product designs. Many years from now, as the Fisher™ brand is put onto products, customers will continue to know it stands for integrity.

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The Latest

Emerson’s New Digital Valve Controller First to Offer Embedded Edge Computing to Streamline...

Fisher FIELDVUE DVC7K offers Advice at the Device technology with real-time analytics for valve health diagnostics and prescriptive corrective...

Emerson’s New Valve Trim Technology Improves Noise Reduction and Flow Efficiency

Fisher Whisper trim solution leverages additive manufacturing to implement optimized process designs, providing 20% more valve capacity with 10...

Emerson Software Optimizes Maintenance Based on Valve Condition Data, Saving Manhours and Downtime

New Valve Health app uses custom data analytics to provide timely plantwide health indicators for improved safety, maintenance, and performance.

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