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Electronics Manufacturing

Emerson provides equipment, hardware, and software forhighly reliable, high-yield, electronics component production.

What Is Electronics Manufacturing?

Semiconductors and lithium-ion batteries, and other electronics components are essential to the computers, cellphones, automotive assemblies, and many other applications. Manufacturing these building blocks is resource-intensive and expensive. Emerson provides solutions that make electronics manufacturing highly reliable, energy efficient, and safe to operate — while increasing throughput and maintaining your competitiveness in a challenging global marketplace.

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Semiconductor chip manufacturing

Semiconductor Fabrication & Manufacturing

Semiconductor manufacturers are pressing to increase yields while ensuring worker safety in the presence of corrosive, flammable gases. Precise control of media and reliable pressure regulation are essential to gas delivery in the fabrication process. With a broad portfolio of products and capabilities, Emerson delivers the level of process control and machine insights that can keep your machinery at peak efficiency and throughput capacity.

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Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturing & Assembly

Market demand requires manufacturers to design batteries for electric vehicles and consumer products that are lighter, denser, more compact, and competitively priced. Ultrasonic welding is the key to creating batteries with thin, delicate, and durable bonds in metal and hybrid film materials. Leading manufacturers count on Branson ultrasonic welding technology and global support from Emerson to navigate every production stage, from design to finished product. 

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Lithium ion battery

Media & Case Studies

The Branson GMX-20DP ultrasonic spot welder is designed and built to assure the highest degree of reliability and weld quality.

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