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Data analytics software that provides better visibility into the health of your facility’s key assets.

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Digitally transform asset health monitoring

Gain insight into your operations with a network of predictive intelligence. Plantweb Insight applications enabled by wireless sensors and networks, provide rich Pervasive Sensing™ data to the Plantweb digital ecosystem. Industrial software instantly interprets key asset health data with pre-built, industry-accepted analytics. Plantweb Insight applications can be easily implemented and accessed anywhere, digitally transforming sensor data into actionable information for improved decision making.

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Why Plantweb Insight

Real-Time Analysis

Make manual rounds and inconsistent data communication a thing of the past. With Plantweb Insight, you have instant data interpretation of key asset health. Engineered with pre-built, industry-accepted analytics, this solution transforms sensor data into actionable insights.

Predictive instead of Reactive

With real-time visibility to key asset health, you can avoid potential safety hazards as well as better prioritize your maintenance. When you can spot abnormal situations before they become potential problems and prevent failures before they occur, you not only improve facility safety, but ensure your operations meet compliance and regulatory standards.

Access Anywhere

The web-based platform allows you to securely access your data from anywhere at any time. Plus, the human centered design interface offers consistent and intuitive navigation across the applications.

Easy Integration

This solution seamlessly integrates with your existing wireless infrastructure, allowing you to expand the capabilities of your current system. Plantweb Insight can be used for any size operation.

Applications: Energy

Steam Trap Application

The Plantweb Insight Steam Trap application determines the online health status of your steam traps by verifying if a trap is in failure mode. With this app, you can view trending of past health, emissions and energy loss on a per trap basis and track impact set against key performance objectives. The app utilizes data from the Rosemount 708 Wireless Acoustic Transmitters to continuously determine steam trap status. This includes identifying steam trap failures (blow through, flooded, plugged) and inactivity. 

Heat Exchanger Application

The Plantweb Insight Heat Exchanger application provides in-depth monitoring of shell and tube heat exchangers by analyzing plant sensor data gathered through existing infrastructure. Leveraging pre-built algorithms based on decades of process experience and industry-vetted analytics, this solution delivers reliable predictive diagnostics. This app continually calculates and tracks key performance indicators like fouling, heat duty and heat transfer coefficient.

Pressure Relief Valve Application

The Plantweb Insight Pressure Relief Valve application determines when and where an event has occurred within your relieve valve fleet. Utilizing machine learning techniques, this application can identify abnormal situations affecting operations allowing users to easily identify problem assets and areas. Within the software interface users can view a consolidated event log, and view information regarding production losses and emissions caused by pressure relief events.

Connected Lighting Application

Save energy and extend lighting fixture life in harsh and hazardous environments with the Plantweb Insight Connected Lighting application. This application commissions groups of connected lighting on an uploaded image of your facility. Utilize pre-programmed controls or create custom controls to keep lights on when operators are present. Device health indicators and analytic tools deliver actionable insights which help to simplify maintenance planning and prioritization of the connected lighting system.

Applications: Reliability

Pump Application

The Plantweb Insight Pump application offers in-depth monitoring of fixed-speed pumps by providing an aggregate view into the health of all assets. Status and alerts are calculated by pre-built algorithms based on years of experience and industry-vetted analytics. The predictive diagnostics and alert weights of this solution enable better prioritization of pump maintenance, allowing users to mitigate recordable incidents and quickly identify any assets requiring attention.

Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Application

The Plantweb Insight Air Cooled Heat Exchanger application provides in-depth monitoring of air cooled heat exchangers and fin fans, by analyzing wireless sensor data gathered through existing infrastructure. Predictive and continuous air cooled heat exchanger monitoring  helps reduce unexpected failures failures and process shutdowns.

Cooling Tower Application

The Plantweb Insight Cooling Tower application uses process data to determine the overall health of this critical asset. This application utilizes key temperature, flow, level, and analytical information to identify abnormal situations that affect the long term reliability and efficiency of cooling water systems.

Applications: Integrity

Inline Corrosion Application

The Plantweb Insight Inline Corrosion application is designed for continuous analysis and corrosion monitoring trends for installed wireless corrosion probes. The application delivers insight into instrument health and provides alerts on pre-set thresholds for severe corrosivity, probe life-span, low battery level and more. An intuitive heatmap is displayed with intelligence on corrosivity of fluid levels based on the NACE standard. (Ref. NACE SP0775-2013)

Non-Intrusive Corrosion Application

The Plantweb Insight Non-Intrusive Corrosion application provides superior understanding of the condition of your assets, enabling predictive maintenance, and increased plant optimization. Improve decision making and meet the evolving demands of the process industry with continuous monitoring designed to assess the impact of corrosion and erosion. The application securely delivers Rosemount Wireless Permasense corrosion data to users through best-in-class visualizations and analytics.

Applications: Production

Wireless Pressure Gauge Application

The Plantweb Insight Wireless Pressure Gauge application monitors your wireless pressure gauges in a single, easy-to-us interface. This solution analyzes data acquired through plant sensors and existing infrastructure to provide real-time pressure status of all wireless pressure gauges. This application also features device health indicators, which help effectively manage maintenance.

Applications: Wireless Infrastructure

Network Management Application

The Plantweb Insight Network Management application offers users a consolidated view into network health. The application identifies shortcomings in meeting best practices. It also provides a network information and diagnostic summary. The network mesh diagram allows for visualization of networks and quick troubleshooting.

Power Module Management Application

The Plantweb Insight Power Module Management application brings all Power Module indicators across multiple networks into a central location. Not only can users view the status of Power Modules, the application will also provide an estimate of remaining life and alert users to high-consuming devices.

Applications: Safety & Productivity Monitoring

Location Application

The Plantweb Insight Location application brings your facility and location data together through a streamlined, easy-to-use interface. Manage your use cases, such as, geofencing, safety mustering and safety alerts all through this state-of-the-art software. Evolve the digital transformation of safety in your facility and improve productivity by enabling a quicker and more direct emergency response with Emerson’s Location Awareness solution.

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